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The IPPNW European student conference 2008, ‘Target Earth’, is the 19th European student conference. Some other conferences were:


–         Porto, Portugal, 2007, ‘Nuclear War Throughout Time’

–         Dublin, Ireland, 2004 ‘Peace Trough Health’

–         Sinaia, Romania, 2000


An OC of medical students from four different universities in the Netherlands, is working on the  IPPNW European student conference in 2008! The OC is doing this in collaboration with the IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) and the NVMP (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medische Polemologie – the Dutch branch of IPPNW). The conference will take place in the city of Amsterdam, from the 27th until the 30th of November 2008.


Maybe you’re familiar with IPPNW and you remember the amazing student conference in Porto, or you might just got to know this physician and medical students organization. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced IPPNW-student, or a new one: just visit the conference in November!



The first goal of the conference is to bring together IPPNW-students and other people interested in IPPNW from all over Europe. Participants can exchange idea’s, learn from each other and improve their knowledge about IPPNW-related subjects. The students can argue their own opinion, and pass the knowledge on to others when they’re back home. In the future, the knowledge can be used to protect and improve health in general.


The second goal of the conference is that the participants become motivated to start or continue working on local IPPNW-activities. The students have the chance to find useful contacts, and the participants can help each other with local activities after the conference.


To keep up the IPPNW-spirit and to pay attention to importance of the protection of our environment, the conference will be at a Stay-Okay hostel, which has the European Eco-label and provides biological meals.



The theme of the conference is ´Target Earth’, which is very broad and thus exactly what we wanted. Every day of the conference has a different ´sub-theme’:

November 28: Nuclear Weapons & Terrorism

November 29: Interfacultary Day

November 30: Climate

For more details about the program please visit the page ‘Program’.

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