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And it is over…The 19th IPPNW European Student Conference has ended. This last week has been one great trip for the OC…
We hope that all participants enjoyed their stay, learned a lot and returned motivated back home to continue or take up IPPNW projects all over Europa & the rest of the world.
A big thanks to everybody that made this conference possible; the sponsors, the speakers, the crew and the participants!
We will update our website with reports and pictures soon. Follow the following link to see some pictures of the conference: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Froman_sandoz%2Fcollections%2F72157610624662607%2F Thank you Roman, for taking all the photo’s!!!


If you have something that you want on the website, just send us an email: ippnw.amsterdam@gmail.com


This is the website of the IPPNW European student conference 2008! The conference is located in Amsterdam; it starts on November 27 and it ends November 30.


This website provides all the information you need about the conference. Please check the website and find out why you should come to Amsterdam to join us: the conference gives you the chance to learn a lot about nuclear weapons, small arms, human rights and climate. Moreover, you’ll get the opportunity to make new friends from all over Europe!


On the right of your screen, there’s a list of all pages of the site.

For instance, if you want to learn more about IPPNW, just click on ‘IPPNW’.


If you have any questions or comments after visiting the website, please contact us at ippnw.amsterdam@gmail.com.



The military base in Volkel, is the place where the NATO stores between 10 and 20 Nuclear Weapons. On Monday November 24, 2008 a group of IPPNW students and other people who are against nuclear weapons, had a demonstration in front of the gate of the military base.


Check the following links for some (Dutch) reports from the press: